Asset Freezing

Freezing orders are often given without any notice, which means receiving one can be a shocking, stressful time. Getting a bank account unfrozen, even if you have a legitimate explanation about where a credit balance came from, can be difficult and time-consuming.

To make it worse, not complying with a notice can lead to severe consequences. This is why it is crucial to have a swift and purposeful approach to contest and challenge the case against you.

At Stoke White we have a strong team of experts with the technical expertise required to deal with your case efficiently and effectively.

We also offer preventative advice for individuals and companies who are engaged in lawful businesses who fear they may be targeted under the laws.

Anyone who is subject to an Asset Freezing Order should not be left destitute. The law allows for anyone affected to apply for funding from a frozen account to cover their living and legal expenses while the Asset Freezing Order remains in force.

We assist individuals or businesses, and our solicitors will guide you through the process of a freezing order:

• apply for the release of restrained funds on your behalf in order to maintain your household
• assist you with the reparation of your assets
• arrange the payment of debts
• apply for the discharge of your freezing order
• help you prepare a statement for the court

If you have been named in a freezing order, seeking legal representation as soon as possible will give you the best chance to protect your assets. Contact our team today to ensure you receive the best possible advice.