Businesses Immigration

Immigration law is becoming stricter and it is becoming harder for UK businesses to hire migrants to work and live in the UK.

If you’re a UK business wanting to employ foreign nationals, or a foreign business wishing to expand to the UK, we can help you through the immigration process.

A common obstacle for businesses employing migrant workers, is the need to make sure they have the correct sponsorship licence.

Applying for and maintaining these licences takes time and resources. Businesses can face issues if they don’t follow the correct process, including:

• applying for the wrong sponsorship licences and certificates of sponsorship
• having a sponsor licence refused, suspended, or revoked
• failing to comply with the prevention of illegal working regulations.

Our experts at Stoke White will give you practical advice to help make your immigration experience less time-consuming and stressful.

Our immigration solicitors can help you if you’re:

• a business owner in the UK who employs migrant workers
• an individual looking to start a business or invest in the UK
• an individual who wants to work in the UK
• a business wanting to set up a branch or subsidiary in the UK.

Our immigration team works with businesses and individuals across the UK and abroad.

Brexit-related business issues:

We understand that for businesses employing people from the EU or EU nationals running businesses in the UK, Brexit has brought on an unsettling time due to changes in the law.

Our immigration lawyers can assess your business and advise you on the best way forward, as well as help you and your dependants apply for a permanent residency permit to stay in the UK.

See our Brexit page to learn more about how our lawyers can help with a range of Brexit-related issues.