Commercial Contracts

Commercial contracts are crucial for any business to ensure that you can maximise the benefits of your commercial arrangements as well as protect your business interests if a dispute arises.

Although e-commerce is on the increase business owners must still abide by legislation when it comes to their contracts. Negotiating this tightrope requires expert advice and support.

We work with businesses of all sizes to help them navigate through a variety of legal agreements.

Our clients include start-ups, who are putting contracts and agreements into place for the first time, and long-established businesses, who require on-going legal advice to enhance their opportunities.

Our highly experienced team of contract solicitors can provide straightforward, commercially aware advice on all manner of contractual requirements.

We would be happy to assist you on a range of matters including:

• the process of entering into a commercial contract
• negotiating the key terms of the contract
• drafting the contract
• reviewing and assessing a contract submitted to you by the other party
• amending or changing a contract
• considering if your business or the other party has the right to terminate the contract and the consequences of doing so
• the consequences of a breach of contract and the legal remedies
• resolving contract disputes