Family Immigration

Family is important, so much so that the right to family life is enshrined in law. It is unsurprising then that 45% of all the foreign-born in the UK are family migrants, equivalent to 6% of the UK’s population of 66 million.

If you are applying to join your partner, or to settle in the UK through family members who are resident here, our family immigration solicitors can advise you on the requirements you need and assist in drafting any applications.

We are also qualified to check for the common mistakes that often lead to rejection of the different types of family visas. Our lawyers are well known for dealing with a range of complex immigration matters, especially those associated with children.

Below, you’ll find information on the different types of UK Family Visas that are available:

• spousal visa
• child dependent visa
• adult dependent visa
• UK ancestry visa
• assistance with any family visa appeal