Financial Remedy

When a relationship breaks down it is often associated with a distribution of income and assets which can be more complex where children are involved.

It is common that parties themselves reach agreements using mediators or solicitors to help them navigate through their options and support them through any court proceedings.

At Stoke White we have a team of solicitors who can advise you on court applications relating to financial disputes and remedies.

We also offer mediators who can assist in pursuing a settlement by agreement at any stage. In our experience, most cases will resolve without the need for a final contested hearing.

We can advise and guide you through each step.

When it comes to any court procedures we can step in to assist with:

• issuing the Application (Form A)
• lodging a Statement of Financial Information (Form E)
• dealing with any questionnaires
• the First Directions hearing at which the Court will ensure that all necessary but proportionate information is obtained
• a Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing which is in effect compulsory mediation by the Court
• a Final Hearing in default of agreement

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