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Stoke White’s experience has been captured in a number of courses to provide you and your team with the capabilities and mindset to tackle the world’s toughest challenges

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Our Latest Courses

Thematic legal training

Our courses are delivered in English language. The course are typically 1 day and you can join via online video stream, Certificate: Stoke White Certificate of Completion.

Laws of War

The Laws of War, otherwise known as International Humanitarian Law (IHL) are a set of rules that applies during armed conflict. It seeks to primarily protect civilians, environment and those horse de combat. With Stoke White’s training course, participants will learn about the origins and sources of the Laws of War, as well as when it practically applies.

Islam and Conflict Governance

Islamic law features in the majority of conflict zones around the globe today. It is essential to know the basic concepts and understand how actors using Islamic jurisprudence to govern themselves. Stoke White’s specialist training equips participants with the intermediate level knowledge of Islamic International Humanitarian Law, the interplay with modern IHL and how it is being used on the ground.

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