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OSINT Investigations

Uncovering information and driving decision making

Open-source intelligence

The Stoke White Investigations team can support litigation proceedings by evidence gathering, human source identification, verification and draft evidence ready for counsel to incorporate in submissions. Cyberspace is changing society extremely quickly, offering new ways to uncover information that will drive decision-making, business planning, or litigation strategy. The team utilizes critical thinking, pattern analysis as well as other skills and tools to analyze data, uncover any trends or patterns, provide recommendations, and compile a comprehensive report of key findings. 

Our services

1) Litigation & Arbitration Support

The success of legal action depends heavily on the strength of evidence and its admissibility. Our skilled investigators work together with a network of legal consultants to assess opposing arguments or gather information in support of a claim.

2) Internal and External Investigations 

Protecting the reputation of your business, employees and those you do business with is essential. We can offer background checks, verifications and ensure that your business performs due diligence and recommend where any additional enquires may be necessary.

3) Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) Briefings 

Social media has opened up numerous opportunities for data gathering but it also poses legal and ethical issues. At Stoke White we can create briefings cased on social media insights that does not cross legal, regulatory lines.

4) Contentious and Special Matters 

Stoke White have conducted a number of special matter investigations and tailored projects. Our consultants can advise you if OSINT can be helpful in your specific case. Contact us today to have a confidential discussion about your needs.

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