Islamic Laws of War Training

This course is well suited for those working in the development or humanitarian sector or those responsible for making decisions in conflict zones.

The Laws of War (International Humanitarian Law), are a set of rules that apply during armed conflict which seek to protect civilians, the environment and those horse de combat.

With Stoke White’s training course, you will learn about the origins and sources of the Laws of War, as well as when it practically applies. You will learn to distinguish between international and non-international armed conflicts, rules protecting civilians, detainees, the wounded and sick, and protected personnel such as medical staff.

By the end of the training, participants will grasp the three key principles in IHL that regulate the conduct of hostilities – distinction, proportionality and precaution – and they will be able to illustrate how they limit the effects of armed conflict on the civilian population.

Course: Laws of War
Duration: 3 Hours
Language: English
Style: Online interactive seminar