Mediation and Arbitration

Litigation is only one method – and often the last resort to deal with a dispute when it arises. Parties are always encouraged to resolve disputes using alternative methods. Sometimes failure to do so results in the courts issuing a financial penalty.

The most popular, and most beneficial, method of alternative dispute resolution is mediation which offers a higher degree of control and involvement in the resolution process and more immediate and commercial access to justice.

In contrast to the courts, where the matter is decided on the law by judges, mediation and arbitration rely on professionals, most commonly solicitors, who work with the parties and their advisers to bring about the best solution.

At Stoke White we have a team of qualified mediators, arbitrators and specialist international arbitrators who have years of experience working with difficult situations and who will guide you through the process to reach a settlement that works for you, both in terms of your personal finances and your commercial enterprise.

This may involve combining elements of mediation and other more traditional evaluative techniques such as arbitration.

To find out more about how we can assist, call us today to speak to a member from the arbitration/mediation team.