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International Law

We fight where others flinch

Who can we help?
  • Victims of human rights abuses – whether you are a civilian or a non-combatant, if your rights have been violated our international law specialists can support you on your journey to seeking justice.
  • Charities, lawyers and journalists – whether you are an advocacy looking for a legal partner or you are a journalist or lawyer working on the ground in a conflict zone, our consultants and extensive global network of professionals can work with you to achieve your objectives more efficiently.
How can we help?
    • Provide legal advice and strategic litigation
    • Issue universal jurisdiction applications
    • Investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity
    • Gather evidence and intelligence on past and ongoing abuses
    • Issue arrest warrants against perpetrators regardless of their power or position
    • Make applications to the United Nations Human Rights Council, African Union, and International Criminal Court (ICC)
    • Work with UN special rapporteur, investigators and independent personnel
    • Make submissions in any hearings
Why choose Stoke White?
  • Stoke White represented victims and families of the Gaza Flotilla that was attacked by Israeli Defence Forces in international waters.
  • We have been successful in taking many perpetrators to the highest courts of justice including the ICC
  • Our consultants were the first to open a case against Bashar al-Assad’s oppressive regime
  • We provide an empathetic service and have grassroots ngos that we partner with to provide the best service to our clients

Stoke White is an international law firm specialising in international criminal law, laws of war and international human rights law.


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