War Crimes Investigations

In 2021, Stoke White recognised the need to form a unit dedicated to investigations covering public interest matters and to support the legal team in its complex international law cases.

Stoke White Investigations known as the SWI-unit, is an independent investigations unit based within the law firm.

The SWI-unit conducts in-country field investigations, documenting traditional human rights testimonies in readiness for Stoke White’s legal team to submit applications.

Using encrypted platforms, the SWI-unit documents intelligence on human rights abuses from survivors.

In addition, the unit uses traditional and open-source techniques including Human intelligence (HUMINT), Imagery intelligence (IMINT), Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) and other open source (OSINT) methods to record, collaborate and confirm details of crimes.

The aim of the unit is to both expose injustice and empower victims.

We can apply our tradecraft and scale our investigations in relation to any special matter in any jurisdiction.

If you would like to contact the SWI-unit on an encrypted platform, you can find our details here.

The SWI-unit is currently focusing on the following projects:

• Counterterrorism in relation to international law
• Human Rights, Conflict and Justice
• Special Matters (on instruction)